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I have a, pretty ancient now, Start 25 . I loaded the Camper maps onto it a few years ago now because (bizarrely) the TT built into my much newer car, doesn’t support that map set!

I have never updated the “Camper” map set due to the exhorbitant cost! (The Start itself has free lifetime updates, unlike my car which I have to pay for every year)

I am working on the theory that it’s highly UNlikely any roads my (old) Camper map set sends me down will have changed to the point they are no longer suitable, which is the main concern when towing. I have indeed experienced a couple of occasions where completely new (and better) roads do not exist according to TT BUT they are always well signed.

Having read the above I will certainly NOT be (paying to) “upgrade” my existing out of date Camper map set. It ain’t broke, so I ain’t gonna fix it. It works fine for 98% of roads, and towns and cities don’t move and any road changes are well signposted these days.
(The internal battery is however toast, it holds a charge for about an hour)


Its not the destination that matters.

It's who you share the journey with (even if like me, it’s in a caravan!)
I am very fortunate to have Mrs Plodd to share mine with

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