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Ah, interesting re the engine. I'm not familiar with these, so thanks. I don't plan on tearing about the place so I still think it'd be fine? My primary concern is fuel economy and engine longevity. Can't see myself going over 90kmph much.

oh yes saw the air con and it's a good addition if you're planning summer in the south. I'm Australian but over heat. However, I don't really want to be cooped up inside with the AC on much. I'd rather use passive cooling, so I wondered if the smaller interior volume over say a Hymer would feel stuffier, particularly if you're sitting in the rear lounge which looks in the photo's quite enclosed (I realise the windows open of course).

Also wether you have to do a sideways shuffle around the bathroom to get from one end to the other - and does the bulk of that room fill the centre of the van.

Saw a Dethleffs Globus i3 that was a lot more expensive but looked great until I saw a not very tall man review it on Youtube and he had to open the bathroom vent to stand upright in the shower!

Currently talking to someone near Brighton that has a Hymer B544 who might be ok with selling to me at a distance. No AC, oven or 4 burner stove though (who actually needs 4 burners?).

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