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EHU input 90* plug sought

My new purchase (OK its actually a caravan but please dont send the men in white coats JUST yet ) has the EHU input point on the nearside so its on the awning side. My current EHU female plug is straight, so that means the lead etc "sticks out" and I can foresee it getting caught by someone (who may at the time be "over refreshed") and being damaged, especially when on EHU at home, the driveway isnt that wide!!
I am sure I have seen an input plug that turns through 90 degrees so the lead hangs straight down and the plug doesnt project so far out from the side. It may well have been whilst on the continent, but my memory isnt that accurate.
So does anyone know where I can purchased such an item please?? I have spent a while with Mr Google and he doesnt seem to be able to find one either.

Thanks in advance


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