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I would tend to agree with the others. I have transferred video to DVD many times in the past by connecting the video to my camcorder, puttng it onto miniDV tape, and then capturing it on the PC. I just make a DVD ni the normal way on the PC. However, although this results in better quality than you would get with a Dazzle setup, it still takes to long.

A HDD Freeview recorder with video out to a DVD recorder, or built-in DVD recorder is the quickest way to get movies. It doesn't solve the problem with your videos. I download in DIVX and convert to DVD quite quickly but this is not something I could recommend that you do.

You could backup any DVDs in DIVX format (there are free converters on the net) onto a HDD media player like but it doesn't solve your dilemma with your videos. I would tend to forget converting your old movies unless they are home movies.


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