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If you have the “Bulls Eye” type headlights AND the beam angle is correct then I wouldn’t bother.

I have this type of (and mine are the super bright HID not Halogen type) headlamp fitted to my car and have NEVER been “flashed” by an annoyed Frenchman in the past 8 years because the beam pattern is so well defined again the alignment of the headlight beam is critical, (your local MOT station has the equipment to accurately check/adjust them)

I go to France on average 3/4 times a year and my total time there is around 10-12 weeks (and Yes I do drive around at night)

If you are bothered then purchase a set of “Eurolight” stickers (eBay is cheapest) they come with VERY comprehensive instructions on how to fit them to all sorts of headlamps INCLUDING the “projector” (Bullseye type)


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