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Originally Posted by Matchlock View Post
In the older Ducato's the drain pipe from the window scuttle drains via a rubber drain hose, under the bonnet right hand side, this drained directly over the gear box.
If so the pipe needs repositioning or extending away from the gearbox also the oil will need changing asap.
Originally Posted by pagey View Post
get the oil changed asap the gearbox is fragile anyway just refill the box 1/4 litre above what the handbook says so that the fifth gear is protected better ...if you look at the scuttle drain just extend it down past the gearbox
Originally Posted by GMJ View Post
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Hi all, thanks for the replies. Not had a chance to reply, but i drained the box and it was full of water! Got some oil, but where on earth is the filler plug ??
Or is the plug where the water is getting in ?
The bulkhead drain tube is loose and it must have been dumping water stright on top of the switch on the top of the g box. I reckon cable ties will be enough to pull it back to over the right rear of the box.
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