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Hi Andrew,

We are planning on using Aires and camp sites, although we haven't made any hard and fast plans for the route yet. We haven't taken the wendy house abroad at all yet so this will be our first time. I have got the "All the Aires" book in english and also brought the "Camping Card ACSI" book.
We are planning on popping into Futurescope too, Glenn took our son there a couple of years ago and wants to go again so that is the only place we have got planned so far.

As for boredom, as much as I hate kids being glued to the tv, this is the one type of journey where portable DVD players come into their own. A child can easily get lost for an hour or so into a favourite film during a trip. Nintendo DS, Gameboy any of those type of things also help to pass the drive (get the plug in power lead). Mine wouldn't read anything while travelling, but they would both draw and write if at a table when younger. I did find a bit of blu-tack under the box with pens and pencils stoped a lot of crawling about on the floor too.

When travelling on your own with a child as Glenn found to his cost, it isn't always a good idea to travel early or late leaving them to sleep, as you get to your destination and they are wide awake and then you can't catch up on your own rest, essential when driving long distances.

Happy planing

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