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I made the journey last year to meet Ray prior to Morocco. Great trip in Morocco and please pass my best wishes to Ray and Debbie when you meet them.

I allowed a week to get down there and have a couple of days off, after the motoring down, with 2 children, before meeting MOH and going on to Morocco. I understand your sensible aim of say 250 miles per day but wonder if I might stir the thinking a bit.

Futuroscope is obviously an 8 year old's dream come true (well I imagine it is but I haven't been) so no change there.

I just wonder thereafter if a little more flexibility re driving when the roads are quieter, i.e. during the early mornings or evenings when your grand son might also be able to sleep, and not be so liable to boredom (unless he is a real petrol head already), and getting down there sooner to enjoy warmer outdoor weather might also be a good idea to consider, giving yourself a warm break before enjoying even warmer Morocco.

France in March might be somewhat cool and grey for 4 days?

In the end I took a lot less than a week and went on to enjoy the warmth of Spain.

Otherwise ... Bilboa and the Guggeneheim Museum might be worth a stop. Can't offer camp site advice as we didn't use one when paying a visit on another trip.

Toledo ... a walled city is well worth a visit. Stayed in a car park with other MH's (see camp site database).

Further south still, Rhonda, Cordoba, Grenada and Seville are all worth a visit, by which time you are nearly there anyway.

Best of luck and enjoy your trip down and Morocco itself.

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