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Originally Posted by dghr272 View Post
Geoff he's a MOT tester giving practical advice from a testers perspective, therefore what he does under direction of his management could potentially impact some of us.

He's not a legal eagle and should not be expected to get into the line by line detail, that's your speciality.

I have had an occasion to query fleet failures due to what testers said were excessive tolerances on artic 5th wheel linkages, the guys were only following incorrect information given to them by the test centre management. It was the management who interpreted the regulations incorrectly and hadn't updated the testers to the new tolerances. Even at that I had to get the unit manufacturer to provide the new spec for the tolerances.


I am trying to find out what he is saying are the rules, and certainly the meaning of the words I highlighted are unclear.

We do not know whether he is just a tester or is hbimself management.

I do not know the training regime for them, but I presumed that they all have to take some DVSA(VOSA) course and exam and presumed that would include knowledge of the rules.

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