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Originally Posted by tviall View Post
I can't believe that I have had my van for 3 years already and it's now due it's first MOT test.

All motorhomes are Class 4, or at least that's what I thought.

I have seen come correspondence from the DoT/VOSA that says that if you carry non essential camping equipment in your van you are effectively a goods vehicle and should therefore be tested appropriately. In my case, a 5 tonne Autotrail Cheiftain, this would be a Class 7 test.

Up to now I just used my 'van garage for storing the BBQ, chairs etc but more recently I carry my scooter in there and a friend of mine stores his golf clubs in there. Both items could be regarded as "non essential".

So now I have some questions and would like some guidance from the Police/Industry.

The letter from DOT/VOSA makes it quite clear that if I carry a bag of golf clubs in the back of my van I should get my first MOT done after it's first year and every year thereafter and it should be a Class 7 test.

But, if I assume that all motorhomes are Class 4 and test it as a class 4 would the police stop me for not having the appropriate MOT certificate if when they stopped me I had golf clubs in the back?

Does anyone know if anyone has been stopped?

Are there any police online who could shed some light on what they would do if they stopped a Class 4 MOT tested motorhome and found a scooter on the back?

Any help would be gratefully received.

I am an MOT tester.

We can only test a vehicle as it is presented regardless what is registered as.

for example. if a customer comes in for a test in a motorhome with non essential camping accessories such as your scooter. then we have to test it as a goods vehicle as you are not coming to us for a holiday arent you. however, if you came to use for an MOT with a motorhome and all the was inside was bedding and cleaning materials. then it would be tested as it is in situ under a class 4 MOT. this will not effect the MOT on the vehicle if you were to go on holiday and have a scooter, golf clubs and any other items in your motorhome. your class 4 MOT will remain valid up until its expiry date no matter what you carry inside to go with you on holiday.

my advice to anyone in your case is to bring your motorhome with minimum items inside as possible. if it is full of camping equipment, then that is fine. a scooter is not camping equipment, although you may wish to take one with you to use on holiday.

I hope this makes sense.

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