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I am with Grouch on the Meos and we do digital . had a nightmare with both so never again .
Not had Avtex but a friend of mine has and he seems happy with it.
A bit too pricey for me as do not watch much in the van except when it is raining.
No aerial on this one so DVDs only ( comedy DVDs only when in van ) We also bought a Cello 19" and am very happy with it
Sound fine, could be better but as you would expect from tiny speakers.
Picture ok and viewing angles work for us . Good functions and all works as it should..
This is our 2nd one as let last one go with last van. We had got that one after the Meosgate saga .
We had status flying saucer on first van and it worked fine with the cello so can only imagine a satellite version will work but had no experience of this version
I can recommend these for service bought twice from them and one would not fit so allowed me to exchange no problems .

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