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I started using them with the self build, and they were competitive then, but since they have just got more and more expensive, I try them every year, but they are always more than anyone else, plus I hate ringing these insurance people , if they want my business, then build a quote engine which works, so I don't have to go through all the questions later when someone rings me to confirm all I put in the questionnaire, moreover make the renewal a sensible increase not 20-30%, and get rid of this claim crap too, if someone hits my car, then it is a no fault claim, and should not increase my quote, it should not even have to be mentioned.

Franky the vehicle insurance industry is the worst motoring experience of the year every year, I can't imagine how many thousands of man hours are wasted from all this quoting, both from the customers and the industry.

This 15% discount is just another sales ploy, 15% off what may I ask, Flux were on SBMCC and also offered a discount, I cannot recall anyone saying how good it was, or that they were cheaper, as far as I'm aware they only got business because they were then one of the few companies who would insure a self build from it being a simple van right up to changing its identity to Motor Caravan.
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