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Yesterday my main issue was a none fault claim we had whist up in Scotland, someone ran into our car left outside the house, as it wasn't listed as settled on the insurance database, they listed it as pending IE could be any amount so they cover themselves and give a silly quote, all except one which was really good, but I'd forgotten to ad Liz as second driver.

Anyway I got onto my insurance to get the full spec on why was going on, and email it to me, here is the email.

In regards to our recent phone call, the accident that occurred on 12.02.2018 with Ms ****** vehicle rolling into yours.

All repairs and costs have been applied straight onto Ms ******* policy as she was the full fault party. This in turn means that your claim was closed as an error and changed to notification only so you have no claims on your own policy.

If you had the repairs booked under your own policy then this would count as a non fault claim which is the one you need to declare in insurance renewals/taking out new policies.

If you need anymore clarification or help please let me know.
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