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Originally Posted by jiwawa View Post
If you're interested in spring tides (is it a fishing thing?) then this set of Aires might be of interest to you. (Maybe someone could explain the coefficient bit to me please?)
As I understand it : in the UK we use tide tables for ports and tidal sites not only to tell us the time of high and low tides, but also to tell us what the tide height will be - hence we can work out the mean tide height. The pain with this is that if you are trying to work out exact tide height and maybe direction (example for working out correct timing to go scuba diving) you also have to know the tide times etc for a main port, such as Dover and also the difference in timings of the location you are interested in (ie how many minutes earlier or later high or low tide is) . The French system gives a value for each place - which they call a coefficient. Values greater than 85 are 'spring' tides and those lower than 55 are 'neap' tides'. Apparently, by doing this they reckon it's easier than having to know tide times etc for other places to be able to relate the imformation back. So, the aire in question, with a coefficient >100 will have a very high spring tide.

Clear as ................ mud now? Sorry if that's the case, I always did have the descriptive talents of a gnat.


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