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Catfish are easy to land, you put a gardening glove on grab the thing by the bottom jaw and lift it out, you need a pair of pliers to get the hook out as the flesh is like rubber, one twist with the pliers and the hook just pops out. A cat I caught a couple of days after the vid was so big I couldn't lift it out by myself, a Spanish guy who was watching me grabbed hold of the bottom jaw with me and we managed to pull it out of the water on to the landing stage, it was longer than me when I laid down at the side of it for a comparison of size , it must have weighed a good 200 lb.. The inside of a cats mouth does not have teeth but pads like sandpaper which will rough up your hand without a glove on..

As for cutting the line, if you are that iffy as a fisherman you have know rights doing it, all fish must be landed carefully and the hook removed, if the line breaks during the fight it is unfortunate but the hooks we use over in the UK are usually barbless, and they fish throws them after a period, or the next angler who catches it will remove it, anglers are very caring in their fish management approach, it is a price the fish have to pay on commercial waters for all the free food they get, getting caught...


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