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Originally Posted by rayrecrok View Post
Wellll here's the rub, the nice folk at the DVLA have decided that I can not drive my motorhome anymore and have taken my C1 part off my licence, I am on my 3rd appeal but to be honest it is that long without any trips I an coming round to bugger it..

We are going to the Turkish side of Cyprus next Saturday for a week, make a change from Paphos, I will evaluate it all when we come back, it might be the end of an era, happened with diving but that was my decision, just sticks in my craw that some unknown entity who knows bugger all about me can just wipe out a part of my life, even though my Surgeon says I am back to normal and can drive, my Doctor says the same that I can drive, the DVLA gave me my normal car and bike licence back a couple of weeks back, so I can whizz along in the Jag in the fast lane, but I can't plod along in the van!..

Daft like brush.. So the van will probably be up for sale I ain't going smaller I need the tag axel's carrying capacity.


Have you checked the sub 3500kg market Ray for Payload? I know what you mean though. Ive struggled for years to find a replacement Hank at any weight with a rear lounge that has the capacity to take a scooter but you prefer the fixed bed front lounge layout so you may have more scope to get something sub 3500kg that might take what you need in a garage?

Ill sell you my Kontiki if you like. Sub 3500kg, takes a scooter and almost 700kg of Payload. One careful lady owner.

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