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Originally Posted by H1-GBV View Post
I HOPE the "correct" answer is a TT Professional 6200 because mine arrived this morning
Looks like it's not the correct answer:

It shows my postcode as being 500m from where I live.
It directs me down a 6'6" width restriction in my nearest town (7'2" wide vehicle).
It tells me a bridge has a 2T limit so I shouldn't cross it in my 3.5T MH. However, it DOESN'T tell me how to get to the destination.

Fortunately, all of these are "dry runs" done from the comfort, and safety, of my armchair. What a good job I'm not "driving".

TomTom have been sent my thoughts on these problems: hopefully they will issue an update to rectify them before my 30day guarantee runs out.

Otherwise, I quite like it!

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