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G2EWS 03-03-2008 22:03

Mummy Stop Drinking!
Did anyone see this on ITV tonight:

A bit of an eye opener and definitely one for Claire and I to think about, with another trip a couple of weeks ago to France with over 300 bottles of wine and similar in beer!



artona 03-03-2008 22:24

Hi Chris

We did see a bit of it. I agreed with what they were trying to achieve but not the concept of children grabbing the family video camera and filming mum and dad's bad habits and then uploading to utube for the world to see.

Where will it end and when will children ever just simply be children again. What was the film where the children reported and got their mums and dads shot?

Fiction becoming reality springs to mind


teemyob 03-03-2008 22:33


Glad I did not watch it. Saw the precocious little girl on a clip advertising the show. Should be in bed, imagine what has been put in the kids head and imagine what the kids will be like in a few years!. I guess blaming their parents for being uncaring and the reason they turned to drink and drugs or something ridiculous like that.


G2EWS 04-03-2008 07:08

Morning Stew/Trev,

True the children where over the top and my Daughter was in bed when we watched it.

Interestingly though we have a situation were our Daughter at 10 is badgering Mum - Claire to give up smoking!

I believe that the children in the programme where obviously being led by the producers to ask the questions they did. Not sure we can say they should have been in bed, unless I missed something and we saw a clock!

What I find of use was how the Mum's reacted when shown on one table what they drink in a week. One even remarked that she thought that it was a months worth.

Whilst in the face of it this may seem rather stupid of her, I can see that we all put our head in the sand when we do not want to know what the truth is. Being confronted by the quantity of glasses was most definitely an eye opener.



andyman 04-03-2008 08:28

My problem is this

I can't drink in my motorhome it's bad for my health.
I can't drive the M/H it as it't damaging the planet.
I can't use my genny it'l anoy the neighbours or blow up my electrics.
I can't park where I want or I upset the local council.

And I bought mine to go out and enjoy myself.

savannah 04-03-2008 08:39

It was definitely an eyeopener.......and especially stressing the fact that alcohol is a poison really got to me. For the past 6 weeks or so I have been making an effort to STOP the habitual glass or two at night whilst watching the tv and getting used to only drinking when its a special occasion......meal out or people visiting.......and it is really working well.
Not only have I lost some weight, but I feel better mentally for being able to discipline myself.
Believe me it was not easy......I love my Rose' wine.......but every night is NOT good !
Touching on the subject of children and their 'lost' childhoods........something I have felt so strongly about for thing I am so thankful for is that my 3 eldest children grew up on our farm and had a wonderful childhood......and our youngest has grown up in Spain where children are children for ALL their childhood years and they all play together......five year olds playing football with all ages INCLUDING 17/18 year olds......its a joy to see......and no hoodies here !
Thats not to say that there aren't all the usual problems...drugs etc that exist everywhere.....but its just not least not in our area.
They might drive annoyingly noisy motos.....but they aren't stealing cars and joyriding.......AND they are now wearing helmets a lot more !!!

teemyob 04-03-2008 17:28

Hello All
Hello all,

I am a drinker.

I drink in the House & Garden
I drink with the Neighbours
I drink at social occasions
I drink in the motorhome
I drink in pubs
I drink in restaurants

Though I am not allowed to drink on many a UK street!

I don't drink every day.

Since being 18 or so :wink: I have nearly always drank alcohol as has my wife, other than we were starting a family then we both gave up. I have always drank in front of the kids and inroduced them to drinking a very small glass of wine with meals on special occasions (usualy on Holiday in France) when they were around 14-15 years old.

Now the Kids are older, our Daughters two of which are over the drinking age, are not big "drinkers". One may have the odd small beer, another a Pissang and orange, just the one mind and the other rarely anything.

My Father never Drank, died young as did his first wife who was only late twenties. my Mother never Drank, died early sixties.
My Wife's Parents, big drinkers, still alive late seventies. Their Parents (Wife's Grandparents for those who may be losing it) Regular drinkers, Grandad died happily in his sleep, started to hide the Whiskey and Brandy from Grandma when she was 85, she found it, drank it and died aged 101 years young and she smoked up until being 85 as did Grandad. Grandma did eat an apple a day mind!.

Now okay, I know what you may be thinking, genetics, lifestyle and so on but considering the information we are given regarding drinking alcohol my Wife's Grandparents should have been six feet under long before they were.

If you like a tipple, you can either, believe everything you watch and hear in the press and media. Or carry on, enjoy yourselves with a sensible drink when you fancy one or more. If it worries you, have an apple with it or drink a glass of cider.

And if you give up booze and are out in the motorhome, beware of being gassed (by the batteries or LPG of course) being robbed, murdred, killed in a crash, drowned on a ferry, buried alive in a tunnel and so on. Oh and do not forget to beware of being paralysed by ticks!.

Fed up of the media and drunken idiots giving alcohol a bad name.


thefman 04-03-2008 18:17

well said trev :)

Groper 04-03-2008 18:36

Again well said Trev.

My Daughter-in-Law died aged 37yrs - very rarely drank alcohol.
J.Healey -A brilliant Canadian rock and roll and blues guitarist/singer died
at the weekend aged 42(Blind from the age of 1 yr due to retinoblastoma).
Anyone interested in Blues/Rock&Roll can find lots of his music on Utube.
My Brother-in-Law died aged 70 yrs during a routine surgical operation-no evidence of liver disease at P.M.-being a doctor(medical) he drank heavily all the years I new him .


savannah 04-03-2008 18:36

Moderation and Education is what is needed.........

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