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barryd 29-03-2020 18:53

Sandra call your GP and make an appointment. They should be able to do a video link with you. Thats what they did for me. Can you take your temperature? If not see if they will sort you out with a thermometer. If you can focus a GP who knows you over ten - fifteen minutes via a video link you might at least get somewhere and maybe some antibiotics if you need them. I dont think they are particularly busy. Well they are not here. I Got both my appointments within an hour or two of calling.

aldra 29-03-2020 19:11

Yes I have had the flu vaccine Jan, every year as Iím in the at risk group

If one can have the flu without any cold symptoms then that could well be what I have

No runny nose , cough, etc , just a relentless fever

The only reason I think it may be a urine infection is that prior to commencing the methotrexate they tested my urine , found it had protein in it and gave me a course of antibiotics prior to commencing it , apart from my urine smelling like vegetables and being frothy I had no other symptoms

Ive lost my sense of smell and taste although itís slowly coming back

Im more worried about Albert , have I passed anything to him?

Iíve been unwell for 8 days, so when would we know if heís got anything ?

Itís difficult to know with all the different symptoms that people say can be symptoms of corona

Iíll speak to the GP tomorrow , miss this week of methotrexate and take it from there

No Iím going back to bed , Iíve been up three hours and itís enough


aldra 29-03-2020 19:13

My temp is 38.5

Persistent low grade raised temp Barry


Penquin 29-03-2020 19:25

You need to speak with your Doc, one thing to question is that you said you have lost your sense of smell, that is now being linked with CV19 as a frequently reported symptom....

Speak to your GP they can supply antibiotics via prescription straight to a nominated pharmacy so it only needs collecting and both of you are VULNERABLE so it should be possible to have it delivered.

Please speak to your GP and let us know if you are willing....

barryd 29-03-2020 20:54

Call them in the morning Sandra!!!! Sleep well and I hope you feel better soon but please call them.

patp 30-03-2020 09:54

Oh, Sandra! Do hope you manage to get hold of the doctor. How is Albert at being forceful? Chris is rubbish so if I am ill I have to be my own advocate. Sometimes passing the phone over to someone who can describe your symptoms has the effect of persuading people that you are not exaggerating.

barryd 30-03-2020 11:06

Any update?

Penquin 30-03-2020 11:13


Originally Posted by barryd (Post 3083691)
Any update?

How about your status too ?

aldra 30-03-2020 11:19

The doctor will phone me later

Still have a raised temp, keep thinking Iíll wake up and it will be gone


barryd 30-03-2020 11:53

I have given you a lick for responding, not cos you have a raised temp. Just sayin :D

Im fine Dave thanks, well on the mend now I think. My normally exceptionally pretty face is a bit of a mess but Im still alive so every cloud an all that.

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