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We fulltime in a 30' Hurricane with the excellent 6.8 V10 Triton engine, loaded to the gills, and towing a Smart on an A-frame. After 10 months in Europe, our average is 9.8 mpg. I drive very gently, and rarely exceed 55 mph.

We would not consider converting to dual fuel, for two reasons.

Firstly, our annual mielage is around 6500, so the payback time would be excessive.

Secondly, the space issue. You need at least 300 litres of LPG storage to get any sort of range. And 300 litres of tank would take up too much valuable storage space from our existing lockers - one locker would have to go.

So we're content to go with what we have. At an annual mileage of 6.5k, and with petrol in Spain at about 1 per litre, we've budgeted for fuel costs and the sums work out.

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