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Originally Posted by Don Madge View Post
Nick, thanks for the info.

I will buy the Paperwhite version as and when the need arises. Maureen has the same model but hers does not get used as much as mine.

You mention the screen breaking how did it happen? I've heard of a few cases but curious to know what caused it.

I don't mean physically brocken, as in cracked, but I started it up one day and all the pages looked like a big smudge of ink. Apparently a well known problem. I had been using it for a few years so I just upgraded to the Paperwhite. I've been told that the screen can be replaced, at a cost. The main thing that annoyed me was that someone from the old Motorhome List had let me have hundreds of books that I had uploaded and now for some reason many will not transfer to the Paperwhite.


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