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Originally Posted by jiwawa View Post
Yes, and I seem to remember one of the victims lost a top-of-the-range watch and rather a lot of money
Jean, I can categorically assure you it was not one of those. I was there, along with several other MHF members who were gathering informally for the music festival. I awoke to hear a commotion going on and it was the flic investigating. One van that was broken into was next to mine. Another victim was a young Korean family in a tent which was slashed and the Dad's rucksack lifted. In it were all their valuables, cash, passports, mobile phone and the keys to the hire car. They didn't have a euro to buy food for the kids nor could they go anywhere or cancel their cards. (Eggs, basket spring to mind, but I can understand their orderliness.) The couple in the van, who 'allegedly' had a watch and cash stolen, and their dog drugged were thoroughly respectable members of this forum. No-one suggested being gassed, btw.

This was one of the genuine ones, and very professionally done too. So the warning stands.


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