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jimmyd0g 21-07-2011 19:30


Originally Posted by bognormike
won the Eufa cup? (or was it the inter cities fairs cup then?)

Nope, but Europe is in there somewhere.

moblee 21-07-2011 19:34

Beat Man united :o :lol: :lol:

jimmyd0g 21-07-2011 19:35


Originally Posted by moblee
Beat Man united :o :lol: :lol:

Cheeky g*t! Though, in it's way, that puts you closer to the answer than you probably realise!

moblee 21-07-2011 19:41

Right, Man u,Europe,A few have done it since ............It's got to be a Double or Treble.......A cup win & the Title :twisted: :D

bognormike 21-07-2011 19:42

played in europe when ManUre didn't?

jimmyd0g 21-07-2011 19:48

The answer is:-

First English side to win a major English trophy (The League Cup, when it played by all the top club's recognised first eleven) & major European trophy (The Cup Winners Cup, which was second in importance behind the European Cup) in the same season. Clearly other teams have since won an English domestic & European trophy in the same seaon - but we were first. The reason Phil was so close was because we beat United over two legs in the League Cup semi.

moblee 23-07-2011 17:54

United beat City 3 - 1 :!: In a pre-season friendly.

Not the minnows from the pennines :o

Cam utd 3 v Cam city 1 :lol: :lol:

moblee 25-07-2011 17:53

Good on you United,We don't want another season carrying Driftwood.

AndrewandShirley 26-07-2011 21:50

Serious incident Col U v ITFC tonight.

Came abandoned as ambulance needed on pitch due to what appears to be serious injury.

Our best wishes are with the player believed to be a Col U one.

CourtJester 27-07-2011 12:02

We've just returned from 25 days touring France. We stayed in some really good aires. Great.

Now I'm ready for action at Vale Park.

Our first fixture is a home win against Crawley Town. :D

Automatic promotion this season for the mighty Vale. :D :D

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