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TheNomad 23-10-2014 15:37

Aires in Southern half of France with fishing on the spot?
Please can anyone recommend any Aires in France (in the southern half of the country preferably), which have lake/canal/slow flowing river fishing opportunities on the spot, or immediately adjacent?

Name of Aire and Sat Nav co-ordinates would be fantastic!

Many thanks in advance....

barryd 23-10-2014 16:17

You should check the Download section on here and see if you can find my Boating for Motorhomers guide.

There are quite a few where we have been parked on Aires or wild camps right next to the water in many countries and there are a few references to the south of France.

My favourite is lac du laouzas near Nages.

I cannot link or give you anymore info at the moment as Im on a rubbish wifi connection on mobile MHF.

The guides are awkward to find so if you cannot find it maybe someone could link to it.

rotorywing 23-10-2014 17:14



KeithChesterfield 23-10-2014 17:17

The 'Boating for Motorhomers Guide' can be found at – – in the Downloads section.

:wav: :wav: :wav:

barryd 23-10-2014 19:12

Doh!!!!! :D

Good site that. Top bloke who done that!

How do I do an embarrassed icon on a mobile?

peejay 23-10-2014 20:19

Hi, from a recent trip..


43.85436 4.60833

Motorhome specific parking in the trees adjacent to the Gardon, 5euro p/n.

The servicepoint is just around the corner at...

43.85343 4.6088


Port St Louis Du Rhone.

43.38655 4.81740

Wildcamp spot on Ave Georges Brassens, park between the trees alongside the St Louis Canal.


For info, you will see the official aire on the opposite side of the canal but no one seems to use that to overnight, only to fill up. Used to be payable to enter the aire but now looks a bit run down and the barriers have been removed.

43.38426 4.81922


Another wildcamp spot just down the road by the jetty with a part sunken barge.

43.37853 4.84329


Several motorhomers overnighting and dangling their rods at all those spots mentioned on our visit


Garcia 24-10-2014 08:11

Can't do SatNav , sorry, but a couple of places near here come to mind.
Big Aire on the banks of the Gravezon on D35 just outside the village of Lunas next to a leisure complex (closed this time of year tho the Aire's open all year)
Bedarieux Aire (free) on the banks of the the Stade , just past the Lycee. Big trout in season , plenty of course fish, pike, Sandre, and even big carp in the deeper , slower pools. Med. Barbel too).
Lake Salagou might be worth a try for wilding. HUGE carp , no power boats.Near Clermont L'Herault, tho can drive around to other side. Lots of signs about no camping , but people do.
If you follow the D908 from Bedarieux to St Pons, youll find many wild spots next to the Orb and the Jaur rivers. Jaur is mainly trout in season.
You could turn at Tarassac tho and follow the Orb down to Beziers through Roquebrun . Loads of camp sites in season, quiet enough to wild it now.
Tho after the Sept floods down here the rivers are looking very sad !

jlo37 24-10-2014 08:50

Homps 43.274,2.708

Caumont sur Garonne 44.442,0.179 (its actually on the canal)

These are both aires

Gretchibald 24-10-2014 10:29

Bignac lake

There are loads of big fish here, see photos on their facebook page, carp to 22 kilos. A nice campsite bought by a very friendly young English couple a few years ago and who are constantly improving the place . The lake of course is the big attraction as this campsite is pretty much in the middle of nowhere , the nearest shops are miles away.

Apologies , I see you were really looking for Aires .

teensvan 24-10-2014 20:42

STENAY eastern France

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