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Originally Posted by an99uk View Post
We do try to ignore any loud noises and after having new doors and windows this week her behaviour has been severely tested. She did really well but a few nights ago some early fireworks a few doors away when she was out for a wee spooked her a bit. I have played a few YouTube videos of fireworks to try and desensitise her but I think I may have left it a bit late.

I will try and carry on as normal but living where we do I know they are going to be loud and long. I will let you know how she gets on.

Thank you for your interest.
When we first had Shade our GSD, whenever there were fireworks or thunder storms we would play with him, he loves chasing balls, one night there was a thunder storm in the middle of the night so he brought his ball to us in the bedroom
None of our dogs have been frightened of firework or thunderstorms because of our behaviour during the noisy times.

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