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Marknixon353 26-11-2018 13:38

First time Iíve been away in my new Bailey Autograph 79.4T
Can anyone tell me when to fill the toilet flush with liquid

JanHank 26-11-2018 14:44

What are talking about here, what liquid is a it?

Water goes in the flush and blue goes in the loo.

tugboat 27-11-2018 07:22

Can you post a photo of the outside of the van where the toilet compartment is?

I expect your toilet flush draws from the main water tank, not a great idea IMHO, but if there is a filler flap outside above the toilet locker that would indicate a separate tank.

Only you know how much flush water you use, it is important to economise where you can.

Pudsey_Bear 27-11-2018 09:55

Hi Mark and welcome to MHF.

Surely if this is a new van, then you should have manuals for everything, if not we are happy to answer you of course, but I would be heading back to the dealer and asking for a proper hand over where they should take you through all aspects of the van, until you are happy with them, and also show you where to find these in the manuals later should you need to, this is all part of what you pay for when using a dealer.

As Geoff (Tugboat) says if it draws water from it's own tank then there will be a filler point close to the cassette door, inside there is a real treat for you at some point :D :D :D, all part of the fun, gloves and hand wipes prepared in advance of course.

Let us know how you get on.

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