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raynipper 24-04-2019 18:27

Can we trust Huawei.
With the UK gov welcoming the top Chinese tech firm Huawei to bid and supply the latest 5G phone system. And as it's tied at the wait to the Chinese security service. Can we ever trust a government that runs over protesting students with tanks with our security?


Matchlock 24-04-2019 18:42

But can we trust our own Government?

Mrplodd 24-04-2019 20:10

My son was, up until the end of last year, the head of Cyber Security at Vodafone UK. I asked him about them and his response that there was no way he was going let Vodafone buy any Huawei infrastructure on his watch.

He didn’t have any hard evidence but reckoned there was a “nagging doubt” in “the industry” that was sufficient for him to err very much on the side of caution. He DID however say that their phones were pretty decent kit!


Mrplodd 24-04-2019 20:11


Originally Posted by Matchlock (Post 3027869)
But can we trust our own Government?

Or any OTHER Government for that matter.


raynipper 24-04-2019 20:59

We are still lucky to get 2G...…. just. And as it's been said "5G will revolutionise our lives". Oh yeah.


Spacerunner 24-04-2019 22:59

Can’t possibly think why people don’t agree with our government

desert song 26-04-2019 17:50

Perhaps I'm a stick in the mud, but I just want a phone that I can use to call people with. I don't need one to tell the world I have just had a cup of tea and a biscuit or been for a pee. Some things do not belong in public.

I want to phone my wife when I'm in Tesco's to ask her which aisle she is in and how much longer she will be. I don't need a phone to turn on my lights, my washing machine or to turn on the microwave. I can do that. I don't need a phone that tells the utility companies how much electricity and gas I am using and when I am using it. That is my business. There are still some things in life that I hold personal and my own business.

The worrying thing is that this generation of "millennials", you know, the ones that think that anyone over fifty is a rich pensioner and should shovel their "wealth" towards them, are deluded and think they are entitled to something, i.e., your stuff. Now people here of a certain age, like myself, grew up on Kryptonite, but I fear that this lot grew up on Corbynite, not quite the same thing. However, I guess that soon it won't make any difference as we'll all so be drones working for the queen bee, whoever that might be. In the demanding words to No2 by No 6, "who is No1". I can hear a distant voice saying, none of your business. Who cares?

So as to Huawei, what is the real purpose of all these tech companies? Does anyone seriously think they are there for the public benefit?

raynipper 26-04-2019 18:07

Agreed and agreed again. Lots of things in our lives today we didn't realise we needed until the tech companies told us.
Are our lives better and easier or more stressful and anxious.?


dghr272 26-04-2019 18:47


Jeez we used to manage without electrickery, flushing toilets and the combustion engine too, but by god like modern technologies they have their uses. :-D

My smart phone makes my life easier, but there again I'm not hooked up to AOL Ray. ;-)


raynipper 26-04-2019 19:18

Grrrrrrrrrr… :nerd:

Ray 0:)

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