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raynipper 03-04-2018 11:09

Bluddy Farcebook again.
Can anyone of the Facebook 'experts' on here please advise on a little problem I have.?

On my smartphone I do have the Facebook app. Used rarely but after it asked to know my position and I declined, I now get an annoying message 30 times a day saying "Facebook is denied access to your location".
Damn right it is and I know it cos I clicked DENY.
But how do I stop these annoying messages keep popping up and obscuring anything else I'm doing? I have tried going into security but am obviously not turning off the right tab.

Help please before I totally delete the app.


dghr272 03-04-2018 12:14

Ray do you have an app that's tracks your phone, they can cause similar issues by constantly trying determine it's location.


raynipper 03-04-2018 12:35

No Terry, only Google Maps.


fatbuddha 03-04-2018 14:25

Android or iOS??

elldwin 03-04-2018 15:39

Are you logged in to it if so try logging out.

raynipper 03-04-2018 17:02


Originally Posted by fatbuddha (Post 2905082)
Android or iOS??

Android FB.
OK Elldwin. Will do.


Pudsey_Bear 03-04-2018 17:48

Or delete the app.

elldwin 03-04-2018 20:02

Any luck.


raynipper 03-04-2018 20:53


Originally Posted by elldwin (Post 2905362)
Any luck. Jan

Have gone round in many circles to try and find the 'log-off' tab without success.
So have clicked "Force Stop" in apps. Will see what that brings.


elldwin 03-04-2018 21:14

I tried to logout on my phone so see what you mean. Are you logged into Messenger as well because I think you have to log out of that. I think you have to go into your account and security settings to do it. Suggest you type the question into google and you shoukd get an explanation if how to do it. Also in account settings it mentions notifications have a look at that there may be something there to turn off.


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