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hi all,

my license (categories a and e), which i obtained in 1989 when i was 17 (passed 1st time ), says that i can drive ANY VEHICLE which is not in several mentioned categories such as motorbikes, road rollers etc. but it also says i need a further license to drive a heavy goods vehicle or a large passenger vehicle.

i know what jonathan is saying; these days you need a piece of paper to wipe you own ar*e legally, but the structure of our legal rights and courts system is based on the fact that we are free to do whatever we choose as long as it is not proscibed by law. if the law says i need a license to drive a motor vehicle then the license that i have allows me to drive any vehicle which is not expressly excepted by the wording i have just quoted.

otherwise the legal document that is my license has been made invalid without anyone telling me even though it says its valid till 2041.

i can't speak for anyone else's license as i know my girlfriend's says different (she only got it in 2001, 3rd time lucky(!)).

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