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Looking for a carburettor replacement for a Renault trafic

Hello Everyone, i am new here and do not have a lot of knowledge about these thiings but we have an air leak due to sindle play in our Solex 35 SEIA carb in our 1992 trafic 1995cc petrol van.. it appears tricky to get hold of an exact replacement...
First question is, does anyone have one of these for sale?! Or know of any breakers that do?

Second question is, is there another carb we could replace it with that would still work? Ive been told a Zenith 36IV would do it but would need adjusting... we want to do this ourselves and feel pretty underconfident atm as a 'specialist' told us it has to be the exact carb from the exact model and yr or van or it wont work! Im aware other option is a refrb kit and much more £££..

Any help greatly appreciated Thanks
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