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Think it's ok with shorter seat belt stalk variant combined with slider

From lots of googling and talking to a supplier (cleacut conversions, UK) I think I've now got the answer to my question. RIB make two seatbelt stalk lengths: 50cm and 65cm. Using the shortes (50cm), on a seat with the slider, and the seat slid forward the seatbelt receivers sits almost flush with the base of the seat (I am told by clearcut conversions who tested this while I was on the phone). I think the photos that had concerned me with what looked like excessively lengthy seatbelt stalks where at the back. Not sure where this would leave someone who ordered the seat without the slider though. If it would be useful, once my seat arrives I'll happily post a couple of pictures of how the child seats sit on here, as having scoured the internet, I couldnít find any photos that showed that. Cheers, Paul
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