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Originally Posted by Kev_n_Liz View Post
Ah, Specsavers again, so a std Boxer body/electrically

No idea where it might be, not done anything that early, the Fiat Forum should be able to help, it's free, same body.
Kev, been there, done that but there is so much confusion about the actual location of the resistor pack, I thought I would ask on here, expecting that there would be many responses. Apparently, this is a common problem on all chassis' built for Peugeot, Renault, Citroen and Fiat and going back to1998!!

So, where was your 2007 version located. If there is enough interest and the location is common, I could post on here how to remedy it. Waiting for the replacement part so I can't confirm yet if it solves the problem?

As you were soldier!
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