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Originally Posted by Penquin View Post
I doubt that I am the only one, but I have received an e-mail from VS into my normal home e-mail account - not the one registered with MHF, warning me about the security breach - more or less a repeat of the "Important Notice" we have all seen repeatedly displayed and with the same requirements for a 10 digit minimum password with capitals and symbols included......

Just a couple of points about this; it names a forum NOT MHF

it was delivered to my junk mail unsurprisingly as I have never used that e-mail address to communicate with MHF but only with what I believed to be senior members of the VS Admin team when they were seeking help back in the first few weeks after they took over.

So, my surprise is why the forum is wrong and why an e-mail address sent IN CONFIDENCE to a senior person in VS is now being used for such contact - with the wrong forum anyway.......

I would like some clarification and would be happy to provide further info via PM, but to me, this seems like a further breach of security........


What website was listed in the email?

You can verify the email used for your account here:

Did you maybe have two accounts or used that email with the older page?

Jeff M
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