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Originally Posted by VS_Admin View Post
I am sorry you feel that way, everyone is required to change their password but there and many ways of choosing a password you will remember, a couple of examples #1Mhomes Home+wheels78 Rolling=road1

If you need any help please send me a Pm and I can help you walk through it.

Thank you,

~ Glenda
Please read my post again.

I have now had to change my password TWICE since your system was hacked, that is unreasonable IMO.

I am sufficiently computer literate that I can work out passwords for myself thank you..... Such an offer suggests that you have not read and understood my points, hence my suggestion to read it again.......

VS has now imposed a system that is totally over the top (an English phrase that is probably understandable in Canada), I have yet to see a reason why VS has deciuded that this high level of security is essential.

I also cannot understand why I have had to do it TWICE - is this going to happen every few weeks? If so, my time on MHF will be limited as it is very frustrating for something that is supposed to be enjoyable.

Please give us PROPER informed answers rather than "off the cuff" comments.

Thank you,


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