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Frustration builds.....

having been locked out for a couple of hours and after trying to enter the correct (new) password I was forced to change to yet another new one,

hardly memorable;


so I have now changed it to something that I stand a chance of remembering, but WHY twice in a few weeks, I had not changed anything on the computer and was on here just a couple of hours ago, did not log out, did nothing except leave the computer to turn the display off and then go to sleep - all other sites are working, just MHF requires me to choose a new password.....

I have read the security announcement several times as the blasted thing is always displayed, but to say I am getting fed up would be an understatement.

This site is now requiring things that I do not need to do for ANY other site and that includes banks......

Come on VS this sort of security is over the top for a Motorhome Forum - I do not use the same password anywhere else, WHY should I be penalised by YOUR inefficiency?


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