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bulawayolass 10-03-2012 10:09

MHF Insurance query
I have just been ringing round for quotes for CB as his insurance is up end of this month. MHF l was interested in until they said they DON'T cover wildcamping they will ONLY cover if it is on a secured registered site.

The person l spoke to will speak to the underwriter on monday and let me know then but a heads up and if anyone had come across MHF or any other insurance.

This came up as they would cover me for work but l had to park at a secured site and not "the side of the road" even if l was sleeping in him. I said what happened if l was off touring and pulled over at a nice place to spend the night and was told they only cover secured sites & l wouldn't be covered.

They did seem to swop the words secured and registered so l assume they mean a cc or cl or equiv. site.

Spacerunner 10-03-2012 10:18

Blimey! Seems they forgotten the raison d'etre for motorhomes.

Wonder if Comfort have the same restriction.

bognormike 10-03-2012 10:20

I'm not sure what you mean? Surely being on a site or not it's still a motor vehicle and is insured as such?

and Comfort would be the same as MHF - it's a similar Aviva policy.

barryd 10-03-2012 10:23

Seems a bit bonkers but I wonder if other insurers have similar clauses. It doesnt make sense though. So if I park my camper van in the middle of a city, say London and go out shopping for eight hours I assume its insured but if I then drive out into the sticks in a quiet wild spot and sleep in it, its no longer covered?

Doesnt sound right to me.

Spacerunner 10-03-2012 10:35

Just skimmed through their policy wording and can find no reference to this.

I wonder if the rep understood what wildcamping is. They might of had visions of us driving wildly up the M1 and throwing wild orgiastic parties, in a wild hurricane!! :lol:

bulawayolass 10-03-2012 10:37

I will update everyone on monday as soon as l hear what the reply is on Monday & said if parking was discounted then there would be a deluge of calls and she said oh my goodness was worried. I pointed out the reason we have MH is for the freedom was a nice lady, understood but unable to answer Q hence Monday when the underwriter was in.

With regards shopping if you did not park in london in a recognised (secured) car park you wouldnt be covered nor would you be covered in the sheep field.

bulawayolass 10-03-2012 10:52

Opps sorry Spacerunner :) l did explain it was a case of driving along seeing a place with for example a pretty view and parking up or it could be just driving long time get tired, pull into a lay-by and sleep. It didn't mean your example of wild orgasmic parties "wildcamping" was a generalised word :D

brynric 10-03-2012 11:36

My van is stored in a locked and pretty secure warehouse from which I can drive straight onto the road. MHF insurance insisted on a "locked perimeter fence" so I chose Caravan Guard instead. I felt my storeage is more secure and certainly better covered than a compound. I think they are tied up with the wording.... but then thats what small print is for.

johnthompson 10-03-2012 12:33

I have just heard on Radio 4 (Money Box) today that someone moved into London and informed his insurance of his new address and was told that that post code was uninsurable and that his policy was now invalid. He said his vehicle was parked on the street and it was law that it had to be insured. The insurance replyed, that is was not insured and had not been from the time he moved to the new address and that he should have informed them that he was moving before he did and they would have told him his new address was uninsurable.

Insurance was cancelled without notice and he was charged a £30 cancellation fee. When the program contacted the insurer they agreed to refund the cancellation fee.

He did find another company that would insure him but technically for a period he was left uninsured.

If we park at an uninsurable address while out with the Motorhome would they deme the insurance void? How would we know which post code areas are uninsurable?

If it does not state in the policy document, areas where the insurance does not apply, or that it only covers the vehicle if parked on a licenced site, how are we expected to know.


peribro 10-03-2012 12:41


Originally Posted by johnthompson
If we park at an uninsurable address while out with the Motorhome would they deme the insurance void? How would we know which post code areas are uninsurable?

There is a distinction between where a vehicle is normally parked (usually someone's home address) and where it may be parked whilst it is away from where it is normally parked. In respect of the former, you are obliged to tell the insurance company when you take out a policy if the normal place of parking / storing / residence changes. As for driving around and parking up, then so long as you are within the territorial limits set out in your policy (probably UK or UK and EU) then you are covered.

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