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pneumatician 16-01-2012 23:33

MHF Motorhome Insurance Query
I have recently changed my Insurance cover to MHF ( this website).
Having shopped arround I found the cover was quite competitive and covered all of our usual essentials.
I did find the ommission of Loss of No Claims Discount Cover rather strange so queried this with them.
When I queried this I was told they give a standard 65% discount and in the event of an accident the cover would be reviewed the following year. Having earned the full possible NCD I feel this leaves me in rather an uncertain position.
Any ideas, what do you think ??


ardgour 17-01-2012 00:04

we did wonder about this when we changed to MHF insurance a couple of weeks ago. It seems a strange way to do things but all we can do is wait and see how it pans out. The biggest issue for us was that we can't protect the no claims if they don't use it


pneumatician 17-01-2012 00:12

My concern exactly Chris.
What if someone Runs in to the back of us or we havs a bump that is not our fault ?
Rememberering the Insurance companies usual response:-

It is a no claim discount, not a no blame discount.


pete4x4 17-01-2012 08:15

I asked that question and MH Ins said that they would provide a letter if I moved which gave an indication of a no claim discount. This would be accepted by the industry
A lot of insurers do not now operate the no claims discount but it still doesnt feel quite right. I may have to change insurance in 2 years just to keep my NCD.

duxdeluxe 17-01-2012 11:47

There are quite a few tales of "protected" no claims discount etc, where after a claim (not blame...) the no claims discount remains but the premium has rocketed up - same effect as losing a %% of no claims

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