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sparky20006 15-08-2011 09:25

MHF Insurance quote - very pricey.
Surprised at some people in here extolling the virtues and cheapness of MHF insurance. My experience is the opposite.

Current and latest quote from Campton for my Bessie E495 on a 2005 plate, fully comp me and the wife with EU breakdown cover is £345.

The quote from MHF Insurance?

£540 !!!

When I said it was about 70% more than my best quote was told it was because Cheshire is classed as high risk and that because my wife had reversed into a car in an Asda carpark 3 years ago and caused approx £100 of damage to a car we were being loaded :?

nukeadmin 15-08-2011 09:32

any insurance policy will always have some quotes higher than other companies, if there was one policy that was always cheaper all the other companies would go out of business ;)

fdhadi 15-08-2011 21:48

Hi sparky,

Renewed mine with Campton 2 months ago > £338.40 inc full euro breakdown & claims service + legal expenses.
Also the Excess is only £150 & £75 windscreen.

All others wanted at least £125 more.

GeriatricGem 05-09-2011 20:22

MHF £1800 quoted :lol: against NFU £950 Hey Ho erm who will get my Hard Earned :roll: :roll:

Dago 05-09-2011 20:39

I'm with MHF for my present van. My previous 2 vans (a Mazda Bongo & AS Symbol) were with Campton's.
I have business use cover which allows me to use the van when I'm meeting my customers and suppliers. I'm not a Rep, just the Owner.

However this time Campton's couldn't offer the cover on my Executive, at the preminum that MHF quoted.
As always in life, not everyone can always provide exactly what you want every time.

We shall see what happens at renewal time, as these things are always fluid.

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