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Alistersmith 18-09-2016 12:49

New insurance policy
Hi, new to site (and motor homes), bought a policy through the site about 10 days ago. I know I am insured with Aviva and have a web reference number from this site, but have received nothing else either electronically or by post. Transaction through credit card shows as Comfort-insurance.

Who should I pursue for docs?

Kind regards


deefordog 18-09-2016 13:02

Comfort/Victor Millwell.

Alistersmith 18-09-2016 14:32

Thx, only clue I had was CC receipt info, expected email docs/ confirmation etc



GMJ 18-09-2016 14:40

The Motorhomefacts inurance telephone number is 020 8984 5311 and email is [email protected]

Graham :smile2:

KeithChesterfield 18-09-2016 17:17

I renewed mine a couple of weeks ago with MHFacts (Aviva) and the documents were there within a few minutes on my email address.

Is it possible you gave them the wrong email address or they've made a cock up and sent it to a different address to yours?

Get in touch with them and see what may have gone wrong.

Just a thought.

nicholsong 18-09-2016 17:34

I suppose you have looked in your 'Junk e-mail' box?

cabby 18-09-2016 17:39

Usually very quick with the email docs. Or have you asked for paper documents.Give them a ring.


MEES 18-09-2016 21:00

I always ask for paper documents and keep everything in a nice plastis folder in the van.
This proved invaluable when stopped at the port by Guardia a Civil?
They wanted to see all documents. Proof of ovnership. Insurance mot etc etc.
Would not have liked to be trying to find them on my I pad.
Husband and dog were remov d to a distance. Two policemen with guns and a large dog searched van
We were last on and nearly miss d the boat !

jiwawa 18-09-2016 21:08

Ooh, what made you look suspicious do you think?

GMJ 18-09-2016 21:16

I always get stuff posted to me via snail mail as well as emailed. It saves my printer costs tbh plus my printer isnt great either. I then make sure I email all the documents to my wife's email address and my son's if we are going abroad, just in case.

I scan the MOT, V5, Travel insurance, EHIC's, drivers licences as well..and also email these to wife/son. I take the orginals and also a spare hard copy which I keep in the safe in the MH.

Better safe than sorry

Graham :smile2:

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