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grizzlyj 23-07-2011 13:36

Fuel sulpur content?

Does anyone know the current sulpur content of Syrian diesel?

I know it used to be really high which means new Euro spec vehicles, with spangley emmisions gizmos, may not get very far.

I would like to visit there within a couple of years and would like to buy a newer vehicle in the meantime, but too new might mean I can't go to Syria :?

It would probably be a small truck camper of around 7 tons rather than a van, so my current thoughts are no newer than Euro 3?

Any help greatly appreciated!



Annsman 23-07-2011 14:49

Tell you what Jason, I think the sulphur content of their diesel would be the least of your worries if you go to Syria within the next few years! The violence is getting more sectarian and random as the regime loses its battle for hearts and minds of the population and goes all out for terrorising and murdering anyone it perceives as an "enemy of the state".

Even if the regime doesn't change why would you choose to support, with your tourist pounds, people who have no moral compass and turn their heavy weapons on unarmed civilians? There are plenty of other places to visit that are as culturally different and geographically diverse as Syria but don't have the obscene human rights record.

Jented 23-07-2011 15:10

Go to the Syrian border,put the MH in Safe? lol,storage,and rent a Jerusalem Jeep aka Donkey!. Jobs a good un.

grizzlyj 23-07-2011 15:50

Er, well, thank you for replying at least!!!

If I can find a donkey with double bed, shower and a thousand km range in the desert I'll go look!

And if I ruled out visiting countries with dubious Government behaviour where would that leave?!?!


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