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Originally Posted by nicholsong View Post
Come in Gaspode please. I bet he knows the answer.

Such blind faith in my technical expertise is entirely unjustified Geoff.

Undoubtedly it's quite possible to build an air cooling unit powered by LPG, it would presumably be an absorption unit similar to a gas fridge with no door and a circulation fan. You could always leave the freezer door open and put a fan inside to blow the cool air around?
I think there are systems in use that utilise the latent heat of evaporation of LPG but to make this practical you would need to be using the LPG to power some other large device such as a large IC engine or heating system.
To the best of my knowledge there are no systems suitable for M/H use made commercially and I'm unaware of the reason why. I would assume that any such unit would be large, expensive and complex if powerful enough to provide sufficient cooling for even a small living space. It would probably also use a substantial amount of LPG and be less efficient than a comparable electrically operated system.
Maybe an unexploited business opportunity for an entrepreneur but I doubt there would be much of a pay-back for any developer considering the high development costs and relatively small potential market.

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