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mikebeaches 08-11-2010 14:46

UK Naturist Sites
South Devon - - Co-ordinates: 50.314483,-3.63229

Most will know that there are many sunclubs up and down the UK where folk go to enjoy their naturism. And some of them can accommodate motorhomes. Usually (but not always) membership of a club, or the national body - British Naturism - is required.

However, many, but by no means all, of the traditional sunclubs tend to be in wooded locations, with clearings in the middle which allows the sunlight in. The historic reason for favouring woodland settings was of course to achieve a sufficient level of privacy.

Sue and I have a preference for staying in open spaces with fine views, so it's good that there are an increasing number of holiday sites becoming available that fit the bill. And the line between dressed and undressed is becoming ever more blurred - just take note how on many continental beaches (and occasionally in the UK) swimsuited and naked folk sit next to each other without a care.

One of our long-time favourite sites in this country is Manor Farm, at Strete, near Dartmouth. It is an attractive rustic location with sea views. A six-acre field has been divided with an open pail fence into: a section for naturists - about a third of the field - and the remaining two thirds for campers who prefer to remain clothed. There are no secure gates to the naturist area, just a small sign. The biggest bonus for us is that it is less than two miles from our preferred British naturist beach - Slapton Sands.

The owner of the site now has much higher occupancy in the naturist section than the clothed section and so, due to demand, the dividing fence is apparently going to be moved this winter to enlarge the area for those who prefer to camp in the buff. She's also recently added electric hook-ups in the bare area. There are toilets, showers, a kitchen and black waste disposal available, but it's necessary to cover up to access the facilities. Fresh water only in the naturist section (and lots of blackberries in season!).

The one slight downside for motorhomers - parking near the naturist beach is difficult/impossible. There is a council-run car park (104 spaces) at Strete Gate, which provides easy access to the naturist area - just walk 500 yards north along the path at the back of the beach. Frustratingly, there is a 5-metre limit on the length of vehicle that can be parked! Therefore, unless you've got a small camper, options to get to the beach from the campsite are: walk, cycle, catch the bus, or hitch a lift from somebody else with a car - everybody's very friendly, so should be easy.

Manor Farm is wonderfully informal and there's no need to book, just turn up and pitch - Kate will call round to collect the money. No memberships necessary, and it would be perfectly feasible to park in the clothed part of the site if your unsure and check out the naturist area first. Might be worth an advance phone call in the school holidays.

If anybody is interested, I can post more suggestions of accessible British sites.

kc10 08-11-2010 19:55

Good job MIke. Site looks good. I'm interested. Put as many as you can on.

bromleyxphil 08-11-2010 21:34

Great idea Mike,do you know of any a little further north

mikebeaches 08-11-2010 23:13

Cumbria and North Wales

Cumbria co-ordinates: 54.195048,-3.32621 and North Wales (Pentre Mawr Camping) co-ordinates: 52.784217,-4.115759

If you fancy being right by the sea you could try Lakeland Outdoor Club (google for details), which is at Haverigg in Cumbria. It's completely wild, with absolutely no facilities whatsoever!

It's adjacent to the beach - just take the path through the dunes. The sea shore is not officially naturist, but it's so remote nobody bothers.

It's almost thirty years since I went there. We were living in Cheshire at the time and camped; the kids were only babies. Wouldn't hesitate to try it again in the motorhome, though no first-hand experience on that score you understand.

Oh, and no doubt you saw the note I wrote on the 'Naturist Beaches' thread, about Morfa Dyffryn in North Wales - guess that might be a bit closer to you. If the weather is fine it's an absolutely cracking location.

locovan 10-11-2010 09:30

A good site is on the Isle of Sheppy at Leysdown you then take you Motorhome down the road a half mile or so and park up all day (it has been known for wild camping)

I havent just googled this I have been there and on a sunny day it is just a great spot to be.
There are Coastal cottages near and the public do come by but Im sure that wont bother you.
A lovely place to call in when going to the Tunnel or the Ferry.

This official naturist beach is located near Leysdown-on-Sea at the eastern end of the Isle of Sheppey on the north Kent coast. The beach is half a mile south-east of the main beach at Leysdown near to the place identified on maps as 'Shell Ness' and the beach is also known as Shellness.

Getting There

The Isle of Sheppey is reached via the A249 road from the A2 or junction 5 of the M2 near Sittingbourne. Follow signposts for Sheerness. Once over the Swale channel turn right on to the B2231 for to Leysdown-on-Sea.

Arriving at Leysdown, follow the road through the town and along the beach, for about one mile. The road veers away from the beach a bit then comes to a T-junction [of sorts] opposite the entrance to a caravan park. You follow the road (Shellness Road) round to the left here and the road ( in reality an unmade track) steadily deteriorates.

When you reach a gateway you can either park or carry on along the track to a parking area which is directly behind the naturist beach (just past some cottages). Park at Mile End Wall where the road meets the seawall. Walk south eastwards past some old wooden holiday chalets. The Shellness free beach starts one hundred metres from the chalets.

This beach is a mixture of sand, shingle, shells and, in places mud. A recent visitor described it as 'small (fairly) clean sandy(ish) beach, over some dunes'. The scenery is typical of the Thames estuary - there are good views of Whitstable and of shipping in the Thames. At low tide the sea can be a long way out. Beach walkers on their way to Shell Ness may pass the beach but there are no reported problems. 'Free Sun' reported that the beach was sometimes used by '750 bods' - more recent reports suggest regular use by 20-30 naturists, with up to 100 at busy weekends.

Visitor reports suggest that there may be problems with inappropriate activity at this beach. (See comments below)

No facilities are available on the beach, the nearest are to be found in Leysdown.

locovan 10-11-2010 09:40

This is a famous one and was very exposed to passers by but they have now put boards up to shield it better.
My elderly mother was shocked when it first opened and the promenade train went by she couldn't believe it. :oops:

Brighton (Black Rock Beach)
Tuesday, 08 June 2010

Officially opened in 1980, this is one of the best known, most accessible, most public naturist beach in the UK - and with some consequent problems. Not, perhaps, the best environment in which to try naturism for the first time. See the trip reports below. Beach Sign

Access & Parking

Brighton may be reached with ease by all main means of transport. On reaching the seafront, go to the main pier, west of the marina, then walk east to Peter Pan's playground and cross the Volk's Railway on to the beach.

"As you face Brighton pier, turn left and walk along the beach or road, until you come to bushes/park on your left. Directly on the right is the beach and the nudist boundary. If you walk along the road, you will have to cross over the railway line at some point (the Volk's Railway)."

"I think the following might be of use to other first time visitors. Drive towards the sea front and look out for 'To the marina' signs. Follow signs for the Marina or drive East (Left as you face the sea) through the centre of Brighton along the sea front keeping in to the right hand traffic lane. You will see signs for the Marina Village. Take this lane and then keep to the left lane as you do. Drive into the marina area and you are faced with a 9 level multi storey car park. When coming out of the car park, head out towards Asda and climb the stairs by the car wash. The beach is then in front of you. With the marina at your back walk West to the beach. The nudist beach is a few hundred yards from there and at the first stop of the little railway."
Black Rock Beach


The beach is of shingle and pebbles, with consequent discomfort. If you choose to strip off, you are likely to find yourself playing to an unrestricted audience of binocular-wielding voyeurs - both on the beach and, often, in boats offshore. This might be heaven for some, but it sounds like hell to me.


Every facility you could possibly want - and more -can be found in Brighton. None are accessible, of course, without dressing

Official Designation

Situated to the east of Palace Pier between Peter Pan's playground and the marina, this short stretch of Brighton's pebbly foreshore entered the history books in 1979, when it was designated an official clothing-optional beach. :oops:

Focusgirl 10-11-2010 11:00

Thanks Mike, we will definatley be using Manor Farm from now on.
Would love to hear of any more gems you have found especially in the South West or Wales. :D

Traveller_HA5_3DOM 10-11-2010 18:14

Tything Barn, Pembrookshire
A nice site in Pembrookshire run by an elderly couple in a very relaxed manner.
Tything Barn Naturist Site
West Williamston
SA68 0TN Tel: 01646 651452
They have a couple of outdoor natural swimming pools. It is set in an old quarry site.

mikebeaches 10-11-2010 20:12


Originally Posted by locovan
A good site is on the Isle of Sheppy at Leysdown you then take you Motorhome down the road a half mile or so and park up all day (it has been known for wild camping)

I havent just googled this I have been there and on a sunny day it is just a great spot to be....

Hi Mavis (locovan)

Very useful info about Priory Hill site and motorhome access to Leysdown. I know of the naturist beach but haven't been, so your post is really helpful - it's on my radar now for when we're in the vicinity. Thanks very much!

mikebeaches 10-11-2010 22:33


Originally Posted by Focusgirl
Thanks Mike, we will definatley be using Manor Farm from now on.
Would love to hear of any more gems you have found especially in the South West or Wales. :D

Hi Focusgirl

Glad you like the sound of Manor Farm - I don't think you'd be disappointed.


Co-ordinates: 50.954194,-3.68212

The Acorns Retreat in central Devon, mid-way between Exmoor and Dartmoor, is a relatively new place that's more or less fully naturist (weather permitting) - although you don't need any club membership. The location is about 11 miles northwest of Tiverton, in the general direction of Barnstaple. The site has attractive far-reaching views of Dartmoor in the distance.

There are 13 acres to roam around, a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, free wifi and all the usual campsite facilities. It's been very well done, but is a touch expensive. All the facilities, apart from washing machine and tumble dryer, are included in the price. The access lanes are narrow in places for the last mile or so, but OK if you take it gently. Andy & Kathy, the owners, are a particularly nice couple. Lovely spot when it's warm and sunny; and it's possible to go for a day visit, rather than stay over if you prefer.


Co-ordinates: 50.341315,-4.739254

Further down the peninsular, near St Austell in Cornwall, Carlyon Bay Touring Park, is an award-winning five-star campsite, but it has a small secluded naturist area that can accommodate up to 7 units. The nearby beach, about 10-minutes walk away, used to have an official nudist section; but more recently there has been a great deal of controversy concerning a new construction project being built on the shore. The new owners, as I understand, closed the beach - however, I do occasionally hear reports of it still being used by nudists. Also, not too far away (14 miles), Vault Beach comes well recommended for naturist use ( ).

The touring park is fully equipped to a high standard and I expect priced accordingly. In the past we've enjoyed staying in the naturist section, though it is enclosed and secluded from the remainder of the site. On the website plan it's marked as 'Veryan' and is NOT available in August. Carlyon Bay camping has been in the same family ownership for years. If it is of any interest, I suggest you telephone or email first, to ensure the naturist pitches are available.


Co-ordinates: 50.725267,-4.538437

Still in Cornwall, towards the north coast and not far from Bude, Lower Poulza Post Farm at Jacobstow, is pretty rustic. It's in a rural position towards the end of a no-through-road, which is narrow for the last half mile or so - fortunately, we didn't meet anything else coming the other way when we went earlier this year. There are 20 acres, 4 of which are used as a licensed camp site (naturist). It's handy for the nearby clothes-optional Strangles beach, which requires a bit of a climb down to access - nothing difficult, just a long haul. ( )

The setting for the campsite is reasonably attractive but the facilities are, to say the least, 'tired'. You may be glad to have your own on board! Bernard the elderly owner is friendly enough.


I think that's sufficient for now, but I may come back with some info about Newperran Campsite in Cornwall and Nudefest 2011....

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