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Kit off - the first time

We were heading through France on our first trip in our first Motorhome and I was trying to introduce the subject of visiting a naturist site to my wife. I didn't know how she would react. The chance came up so I took it, 'OK, but I'm not doing it' she said 'I'm not getting my droopers out'.

We arrived at Creuse Nature which is run by a Dutch couple, the Dutch own a lot of the Naturist sites in France from what I've been told. We got booked in and walked around the site to find a pitch. Got back to the van, drove in, parked on the pitch and just as I was turning the engine off my wife pipes up, 'Well go on then get your kit off'. 'Gimme a chance' I replied 'I've still got the seatbelt on'. I was a bit nervous to be honest and did have second thoughts but leaving without trying wasn't an option. So I went into the shower-room and stripped off. I checked that the 'auld boy' was OK and wasn't having an off day and gave his afro a tidy. I looked in the mirror and thought, this is what I look like. I went back into the habitation bit of the van and there was my Mrs, 'You sure'? 'Yes' I said. I walked to the hab door and for just a split second I thought, everyone is bald no body hair, why? I imagined a couple talking about me and what they would say ' check out the walking rug, looks like he's been screwing round corners and he's got a Mohican hairstyle, shame it's growing out the crack of his arse'. I drew breath and opened the door stepped out the van and experienced the most liberating feeling ever, it was brilliant, freedom! No one looked, no one cared and after a few minutes I forgot that I was nude.

After a few days on the site I plucked up enough courage to join the queue for the Boulangerie van which visited the site every morning. By the time I got there the queue was big. I tried hard not to laugh, you ever seen a queue of thirty or so naked people waiting for a baguette?

The site was set in very pleasant woodland and you could walk around it in thirty minutes. As I walked one day I wished my wife was with me and I wished she could experience it. She's very self conscious and as she puts it 'not her ideal weight'. I wished she could've enjoyed this with me. Still I was grateful she's as liberal as she is and that the site didn't hold her not being a naturist against us, so you can't have it all. When I got back to the van did I get a shock, the wife had her kit off only a very thin sirong thing (sp) covered her. I didn't think she'd ever go completely nude. She did it on her own too as I never at any time encouraged her or even mentioned it to her. I was well proud of her. She was very happy with me too as there was no laundry for a whole week.

The only strange thing that happened was one day I was pottering about with the van and a Dutch couple who were both clothed, presumably looking for a pitch, looked at the number plate and asked 'Are you English', 'no, I'm Scottish' I said. The boy slowly looked me up down and appeared disappointed. I thought he must have expected me to have Tartan testicles or some other unique Scottish identifier, then they walked off.

I had an interesting conversation with a very well spoken Englishwoman, quite posh, she talked of the stress of home, her mum being ill and how difficult her life was at that time then she said 'you come here, take all your clothes off and it all goes away but we don't tell anyone'. Next was a couple from Yorkshire in their 50's who had been naturists for many years but they hadn't told their family, none of them knew, not even their own (grown up) kids, 'They wouldn't understand' they said. It seems there is a lot of preconceived ideas about naturism and naturists which is one of the reason why this forum is so important. It's not on a naturists site.

In all we spent about a week there, I never dressed once. Since then I've never looked back. If you haven't tried it and are considering it give it a go, you might even enjoy it, no one will ever know .... unless you tell us.


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I must admit the no laundry part is tempting ,

Plus the extra storage space in the van by not having to take clothes would be useful.

Im not surprised the dutch are into it , they seem a lot more "at home" with there bodies ,as do the swedes for some reason .
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french naturisme sites

we try to stay on naturisme sites when in france try some of them take camping cheques
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Our first naturist camping experience was at a place called Domaine le Clols. High in the Pyrenees of France about 2km from the Spanish border.

As discussed in another thread, I'd been thinking about it for some time and decided to navigate us (unknown to himself) to the site.

If you're ever thinking of trying naturism, there can't be a better place in the world to give it a go. Beautiful site in the loveliest of settings. Quite magical.]Le Clois [/url]

We got there quite late in the evening and I have to admit I was quite nervous about the whole business. We were booked in by a guy who had all his clothes on and I have to say I was mighty relieved. We arrived at the end of September just as they were about to close for the season and we had the whole place just about to ourselves. There was a Belgian couple and a couple from the Netherlands camped in the woods - but so far away you would never have known they were there.

We woke next morning to the most beautiful day. We lay in bed a looked out over the mountains feeling very lucky to have found such place. The guy who booked us in walked past the van with a strimmer and wheelbarrow - fully clothed - hard hat, gloves, boots and all and we thought. No need to be nervous - see - even the owner has his clothes on. We'll just keep ours on and we'll be fine.

15 mins later the owner passed the van window again. This time, all he wore was the hard hat, gloves and boots. GULP.

I wish I could say I was comfortable with it all, but I truly wasn't. I knew I wanted to experience the experience so to speak, but I just wasn't sure I could do the 'experiential' bit.

Anyway - Bill said, the hell with it - let's just do it. And, for the first time ever, we left the van with no clothes on. It felt very very weird. It felt weird for most of that day and much of the next - but slowly I got used to it and, by the end of the second day I began to enjoy it, and by the third day I loved it and couldn't imagine being any other way. Walking for miles naked through beautiful countryside, swimming, showering, sunbathing - it was all very very special and it set us both well and truly on the road to naturism.
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Creuse Nature

Stayed there this year in August. A perfect site for 1st timers because you are with family's, mainly Dutch and a smattering of British. Plenty of room on pitches, great free fishing lake, lovely pool and very pretty surrounding countryside, but above all everyone is so friendly and helpful.
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Hi all

So pleased to see that there are more of us naturists about in the land of "motorhomefacts"

Maybe we should have a meet of our own come the better weather in the coming year.


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As teenagers in the hot summer of 1969, my then girlfriend (now my wife) and I used to go skinny dipping in the local reservoir, under cover of darkness.

The following year, we went to the Isle of Wight pop festival and were amazed to see hundreds of naked souls bathing in the buff in the sea - so when in Rome....

That same summer we drove down to camp in the South of France at Pampelonne Plage, near St Tropez. It was our first time to the Med and low and behold the stunning golden beach turned out to be used by nudists. Guess we were at an impressionable age, but we thought we were on to something special.

The following year, we flew to Mallorca and although we hired a car to explore and the scenery - and the Med - were lovely, we had to wear swimsuits pretty much the whole time at the beach. I thought it was horrible, after enjoying the freedom of swimming and sunning in the nude in France the previous year.

From then on - for the next forty years - going au naturel has been an important part of our travel and holiday plans. Of course Spain is pretty much as naturist-friendly as France these days - and in some respects more so. And we've been back to Mallorca once or twice in recent years and these days there's plenty of opportunity to strip off if you know where to go.

We think we're lucky to have discovered the delights of bare bathing when we were so young. Our two children grew up with it, and all of our family and most of our friends are aware we like taking our clothes off on holiday. Now we have the motorhome to help us enjoy our lifestyle choice, and so our next new adventure has already begun.
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My wife and I have been married and holidayed together for over a quarter of a century - always clothed - always with the kids. I love walking on the beach and many times have walked through / past naturist areas wondering what it would be like and if it was for me. This year we were in the van on the Gironde at Lacanau with my youngest daughter. Every day there were lots of naturists at the beach and my 16 yr old mocked them mercilessly. She flew home after a week and I determined to find out if naturism was for me. we went back to the coast and I engineered us always onto the naturist sections saying to Lynn "we are the odd ones out here" after a couple of days I said "I'm going to loose the shorts today" and did. Lynn did nothing but laugh - looking at me all brown with a big white patch I would too. For me it was a revelation, I felt free, comfortable and quite at one with myself more so than any time I can remember. We met some lovely British naturist motorhomers who were very supportive and for me made it easier as I wasn't on my own. Lynn gaduated to removing her top and then eventually her bikini bottoms "only lying down" through the rest of the holiday. We are going back next year.

If you have thought about naturism, just do it, this year. I wish I had years and years ago. Don't think I will ever pluck up the courage to tell the mother in law though

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Just thought I would repost this.

About fifteen years ago on a holiday in Britanny we were walking along a beach, not noticing the numerous topless ladies and the unashamed changing into/out of costumes without the obligatory British towel contortions.

As we walked on it gradually dawned on us that the beach was gradually becoming a nudist area.

So, we shed our clothes and inhibitions and joined them.

I went for a long swim and on the way back struck up a conversation (in French) with a young mum carrying her baby in the shallows.

It was only as we parted that it dawned on me that neither of us (nor the baby!) were wearing costumes - we were all totally naked.

It is amazing how quickly naturism becomes naturalism!
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I think my interest in naturism started quite early as I remember my father confiscating several copies of Health and Efficiency from my bedroom. I was about 10 and I think this magazine upset my puberty as I thought adult women did not have and naughty parts below the waist as they (in retrospect) must have been airbrushed out. The males always had a beachball or towel.

Then one day I found myself on the Isle de Levant which is two thirds French Navy and one third naturist. We were there as a liason party so HMS London or it may have been HMS Juno could fire its missiles at very large French toy aircraft (remotely controlled) which had a very long name beginning with R I think.

The idea was to get near the aircraft as they cost many thousands of pounds to build. Sadly although with a great deal of pride, we knocked out the only three planes they had with our first three missiles. Job done. Enjoy the island. More after lunch....I have been summoned.

Sorry. Lunch happened...Nap happened.....Grand Prix happened....Supper happened.

It was a fair drive in a French Military sort of lorry from our living quarters to the main gate and that is where we jumped off. Immediately by the gate was a couple of souvenier shops with post cards full of naked people. While I was anaylising, (glancing) at the cards, out of the corner of my eye was a topless lady standing next to a topless lady who was standing next to yet another topless lady.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Of course full nudity, as I found out through an embarrassing enthusiam to join in the fun, was only allowed on the beaches and sporans had to be worn in the streets.

I made friends with a Dutch family who filled me in on the details and I still have a couple of pix taken outside the shop and also one of the young lady that ran the shop with her baby. (This was about 1970)

I spent about 4 days there and it was when I got back to UK I felt those 4 days were like the equivalent of a fortnights holiday. Talk about loosing stress. Loose your clothes, loose your stress.

With that in mind I joined 5 Acres near Watford which has had the M1 built by it also knowing in advance that my bio father was a founder member of Speilplatz just up the road. I think this one was open during the war but if not shortly after but I forget.

I do have some stories to tell including when I disgraced myself with the following items on the island mentioned above. The items included alcohol, a snow plough (honest), a lighthouse and the carefully kept gardens at the French living quarters on the island. Also an American girlfriend of one day, and a night club and 14 days nines when I got back onboard the ship.

I want to die quietly in my sleep like my Uncle did. Not screaming and shouting like his passengers.
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