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horsieman16 20-05-2019 15:10

solar panel
I dont have any information about solar panels on my motorhome.Im driving a 2008 Lunar motorhome,Theres a solar panel on the roof measuring about 36 inches x 18 inches but im not sure how these work .Where are they wired in to?I cant find any wires coming from it.Solar panels are new to me .I would be grateful if anyone can help me
Regards Martin

jiwawa 20-05-2019 17:29

I don't suppose you took a photo when you were up there Martin?

EJB 20-05-2019 18:49

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It should be wired directly to a charge controller then from there to your leisure battery and possibly your vehicle battery as well?

There are normally no other controls as it charges as and when the sun shines....alongside the vehicle alternator, when travelling, and a battery charger when on electric Hook Up.

If no wires through the roof it isn't connected??

raynipper 20-05-2019 20:06

Often run down into the fridge cavity and connected via a regulator to the heavy 12v cables there.


horsieman16 22-05-2019 00:06

Thanks for your help
I will get time this weekend to explore the solar system . I would like to say a big thank you for taking time to help me with this problem.
Regards Martin:

KeithChesterfield 22-05-2019 00:27

Always remember that with a good size Solar panel, refillable gas system, own facilities and decent batteries the World is your lobster.


horsieman16 31-05-2019 16:52

Thank you for all your help
Regards Martin

jiwawa 31-05-2019 18:34

So, did you get it sussed?

horsieman16 31-05-2019 23:42

No,Its been raining cats and dogs the last few days ,I hope i get time soon to look at it.Bring on the sunshine

Mrplodd 03-06-2019 21:56

I would be very surprised if someone has fitted a panel to your MH and NOT wired it in!

Just because you cannot see any cables doesnít mean they are not there somewhere.
Have you asked the previous owner, or the dealer you purchased it from??


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