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KayandMick 27-04-2019 20:16

Hi all,
we are Kay and Mick, owners of "Denzil" a 2001 Fiat Ducato Van Conversion, (Compass Explorer). We are not so new to the world of travel and camping having been avid caravaner's for the last decade. We have recently bought a "permanent" house in West Wales and used the caravan money to do some improvements but have decided that we miss travelling and camping to much, so with a limited budget, bought Denzil :)
We have yet to get away, life, work commitments as per usual, but are planning our first trip once I have had time to give Denzil a new belt, some new oils and of course filters! Denzil has abig heart, (2.8JTD) so should be good on motorways as well as the mountains of Wales. We decided on a van conversion to make Wild camping and travel in the backwaters of Wales a little easier than in a coachbuilt ot A class.
We are obviously new to the Forums etc but are wondering if members "get together" on trips etc and would like to meet up with others that have similar interests.
Well enough "babble", thanks for letting us in and look forward to getting to know you through the forums :nerd:

JanHank 27-04-2019 23:19

Welcome to the forum, we spent a few caravan holidays in Wales and loved it.
We have a few members in Wales, who knows you may even live near one of them.A
Happy motoring.

tugboat 28-04-2019 08:05

Welcome, Kay and Mick. I hope you have many happy travels with Denzil. Look for posts about Rallies if you want to meet up with other members.

Drew 28-04-2019 08:11

Welcome aboard folks.

There is a rally group within the forum, PM Scottie, I'm sure he will give you all the details.


jiwawa 28-04-2019 14:07

Welcome Kay and Nick.

Back in 2007 my husband and I hired a MH in NI and crossed to Wales for a couple of weeks. It was that trip that sold MH-ing to my husband who was convinced it would put me off!

We had many long and short trips in our own MH bought in 2008.

But I still have special memories of that trip to Wales.

KayandMick 28-04-2019 14:21

Thank you all, we are just so excited about getting away with Denzil that we are behaving like a couple of excited kids! Our first couple of trips are going to be local, time to get used to being in a confined space with each other(!) but would love to meet up with other members. Thank you for the advice on the Rallies section, we will indeed browse this and look forward to meeting others.

See you all soon we hope.

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