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Wild Poland

We Left home on Tuesday morning 14/06/2016 and drove to a small place called Lugi near Dobiegniew.
Stopped for a late lunch (in the van) at a lake car park. After we had finished lunch a man drove up and asked in sign language and about 3 German words, if we would like to stay the night.
To cut a long story short, there was a proper stellplatz behind a fence, it would take at least 25 vans, but was only used for special events, it was village council owned, we couldnīt understand why it was only used occasionally as nobody spoke English only one chap spoke limited German. We stopped next to the toilet and shower. I asked the next day before we left how much, nothing was the answer (in sign language).
Wednesday was a **** day, I didnīt know there were so many big towns and cities up this end of Poland, the traffic was horrendous, the roads some good some terrible. We could not find a decent place to stop and then I backed into a grass verge and damaged the bottom plastic of the van, Hans has tapped it up and we will get it repaired when we are home. Wednesday night we spent at the petrol station where Hans found ductape to do the repair. Staying their was the worse thing we could have done, not so much noise from vehicles, but youngsters who were at the Imbis/cafe which seemed to be open all night. Thursday we drove towards Olsztyn another horrendous journey, they are building a motorway next to the 16 road and we were driving most of the way between 50-70 km 30-45 mph.
Continuing to Jeziorany a name Hans remembered his Mother talking about, he spent some time here with her during the war, away from the bombing in the west, her uncle had a farm in a village nearby. He went to the information buro and the young woman spoke good English, she spent about an hour showing him maps and giving him information. Also told him a place for us to stay near a lake. Finding the place was another adventure, driving along dirt roads for miles. It is not possible to park near the lake, but we saw a man who is building a house which is almost finished, he invited us to stay in his garden (all done in sign language). At 5pm we had a visitor, the man next door had telephoned this person because he speaks German, we were invited into the house along with 3 neighbour`s, for coffee and then found out the chap who speaks German is a RC priest. We spent an hour together and we can stay here as long as we want.
The pictures I have just taken, but it doesnīt portray just how lovely it is here. Shade swam in the lake, a little safe corner nature had created for him.
So what started as a good holiday then almost became a disaster looks as if it will now start to be enjoyable again.
The Poles are so hospitable, although we canīt understand what is being said, they still gabble away to us, the next door neighbour has chickens, we have already bought 6 eggs so probably have an an egg for breakfast tomorrow.
Friday 17th.
Today we were invited for lunch along with the neighbours and the priest, chicken and spring vegetable home mad soup created by our host, it was perfect, even had enough salt in. At lunch we were told there was a big storm heading this way so in the afternoon Hans helped Antonio our host, along with a neighbour to make the front of his unfinished house safer against the storm.
last night, oh what a night it was, the van rocked as it never has before and I dinīt enjoy it at all. It was very scary to me at times, I thought it would blow over, but we survived.
We will have to stay here until Monday because the roads all around will be closed tomorrom from 9 am until 5 pm for a car rally.
Pictures of where we stand, the type of roads we drove over to get here and our neighbours the chickens.
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