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Penquin 19-09-2020 09:01

Not really a past-time
I have been asked by HTMBO to seek advice from all of you.......

She wants to know what you, or the MIP for you, uses to clean the MH windows, she knows what NOT to use, but wishes to know what SHOULD be used ?

Obviously, she will be doing the job (her that asks ought to do), although I have just a sneaking suspicion that it MIGHT get added to my toilet roll of THINGS TO DO.

So, suggestions please (no, it's the servant's day off) would be appreciated,

Over to you....

PS We have had the MH for 16 years, it's just that she realised it was sunny outside and we still had the lights on inside... 😮

raynipper 19-09-2020 10:45

Don't bother Dave it will only get dirty again. Quick wipe with a damp cloth and feel you have achieved something.


Ozzyjohn 19-09-2020 10:45

If they havenít been cleaned in 16 years, then Iíd humbly suggest a chisel . . .


nicholsong 19-09-2020 10:48


The glass or acrylic windows?

Ozzyjohn 19-09-2020 10:49

Or, mist spray with water then wipe GENTLY with a very soft cloth. Donít rub, just wipe gently.

Oh, and do it gently - a light stroking motion, not rubbing, not back and forth, just gentle stroking.

That works for ours when Mrs O does it . . .


aldra 19-09-2020 12:18

I use a vinegar and water solution and microfibres cloth

If the solution is warm/ hot it works faster, but a spray bottle is fine with a cold solution

Use it same solution for all mirrors windows etc In the house


jiwawa 19-09-2020 22:24

+1 for vinegar solution n microfibre cloth

Penquin 20-09-2020 11:53


Originally Posted by nicholsong (Post 3113019)

The glass or acrylic windows?

Acrylic, sorry

ob1 20-09-2020 12:12

Iíve had to try to remedy many peopleís strange cleaning chemical disasters in my time. The simple answer is just plain water - but try to do it more often! 😂

Pudsey_Bear 20-09-2020 14:07

I use a soft hand brush and plain water before doing anything else Dave, then once dry a simple car polish, keep it simple, she'll be done quicker and back to make your lunch.

You know it makes sense.

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