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Cow of a job, mine went on the self build.

Bonnet up, disconnect the starter battery, radiator grill cover off, slam panel off, radiator out, save water or refill with fresh anti freeze, gear box is to the right as you look at it, starter is quite low down and to the front, undo cables first then the bolts holding it on, be prepared for the weight, refit in revers order, it's a simple but awkward job.

You don't usually need to get a main dealer (bloody expensive) part, plenty of specialist motor factors around, even for your neck of the woods

The very worst part of it is the screws which hold the grill on, are either into speed clips or captive threads in the plastic below., and they seize, if in no rush give them a squirt of WD40 for a couple of days every few hours, if possibly get a pair of grips onto the speed clips, it does save a lot of work when refitting it, mine were stubborn and I had to get some larger screws and make my own fixings up to get the grill back on.

This link below might help.

It may help others if you took a few stage pictures, I totally forgot to do it as I hadn't got into the mindset of doing things that way at that point.

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