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Tucano 15-05-2011 22:16

Upholstery cleaning
Could anyone please advise me of what they would use to clean up grubby upholstery in their vans.
I have tried looking for old posts on the subject but with little success.
Thanks for any suggestions.

Tucano 15-05-2011 22:49

Pleased to see that everyone has immaculate interiors 8O

moragg 16-05-2011 07:05

I took my covers off two weeks ago, washed them in the washing machine on a gentle 25 degree cycle and line dried them. When they were dry I sprayed them top to bottom in Scotchguard spray that I got from Amazon. They look great and after spilling water on them last week, the Scotchguard works a treat. :)

dawnwynne 16-05-2011 07:28

I have a carpet cleaner with an upholstery attachment that I use and it works great. I also use that attachment for the curtains.

aldra 16-05-2011 08:19

I steam cleaned mine after every longish trip came up like new in the hymer

New ones are leather so will use baby wipes--same as I use on my leather furniture, cleans and feeds it


Tucano 16-05-2011 20:13

Thank you for your replies, don't know if the covers can come of the seating but I shall check tomorrow.
Aldra, I am interested in your idea of using baby wipes for your leather furniture, do they really clean, and feed !! the leather.
Many thanks again.

DJMotorhomer 16-05-2011 20:22


Asda (in the £ section) sell a packet (like baby wipes) of upholstery cleaner, and its good. Also use Brisk Vif Auto ( as recommended on here) that is a foam and is also very good got that off Ebay

Hope these help

Addie 16-05-2011 20:24

Amazing stuff, use it on everything fabric wise and the dirt just lifts away.

keith_c 16-05-2011 21:03

Another vote for the Autosmart Brisk Vif stuff. Our eldest son decided to throw up during the middle of the night whilst in the motorhome last year. He was in the over cab bed at the time. We used about one and a half tins of the it (I've got a friend who is an Autosmart agent) but it sorted it and I guarantee you'd never know it happened now.

aldra 17-05-2011 04:30


Yes they do, I used them for years on my leather furniture and on the leather interior of the car
Tried the wipes for leather but find them expensive and fiddly
With 10 grandchildren I need something quick,effective and cheap
Try them out :D :D Aldra

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