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andrewball1000 17-06-2012 09:06

Travel Companions Wanted – post here
This thread is aimed at single persons who have their own MH but would appreciate the company of another during their travels.

I have travelled for extended periods extensively in France and Spain for four seasons. The problem has been that the persons I have travelled with have time restrictions and we have had to pre arrange flights for pick up and drop off which imposes constraints ones travel.

This year, following three weeks touring Italy with a friend, I met up with a fellow Motor Homer at Lake Bled and we have toured Slovenia and Croatia for nearly nine weeks now with no pre-set plans. This freedom of travel is what I bought a MH for but I would not have done it on my own. Also having the whole van to myself has added a new dimension. I had been contemplating selling it but this has changed my mind.

We both feel that there must be other single people who would benefit from being able to make contact with each other. I hope this thread could be used to help. I suggest that persons can post with some basic details of when and where they are interested in travelling and any contact can be by PM after.

We feel that two or three persons would be the maximum for this type of travel although meeting up with a group at a predefined spot for a short period would also be possible.

aldra 17-06-2012 09:21

I think that is a fantastic idea and should have a forum dedicated to it

I am sure there are lots of people who now find themselves alone who would love company on their travels and not just the conventional Rally meet ups

Aldra :D

peaky 17-06-2012 09:22

i think this would be an excellent idea, when i buy my motorhome (prob in the canaries in the next few months ) i would like to travel at times with others as i am planning solo trips for up to a year noparticular agenda !!

autostratus 17-06-2012 12:17


Originally Posted by aldra
I think that is a fantastic idea and should have a forum dedicated to it, Andrew....................................

Aldra :D

Or even a dedicated website.
Perhaps under the purview of Motorhomefacts.
It could maybe piggyback on here as a service to longstanding members who may well need such a group in the future.

Come on Nuke, step in and make an offer. :wink:

Steveboy 17-06-2012 17:39

sounds good to me.
I also travel solo with my dog as company. I would welcome a 'linking up' with fellow solo m/hmrs at times.

in UK at present for doggy to recuparate after accident in France. (see - for details.)

I also am hesitant about travel outside France/Spain/Portugal on my own

great idea.


Ian1 17-06-2012 18:07

I think the forum idea would be excellent.

I have just returned from a 4 week solo trip to down Bulgaria, through Greece, across the Adriatic to Italy and then returning through France. I stayed with friends in Bulgaria and also met some really interesting and friendly motorhomers along the way so I often had other people to talk to.

I would have appreciated the ability to occasionally meet up with another solo traveller, possibly to do a bit of sightseeing with during the day or to join for a meal and a drink during the evenings.


tokkalosh 24-06-2012 21:44

Excellent idea, especially for trips outside UK.
Will keep an eye on this topic.

xgx 24-06-2012 23:08

It's a great idea Andrew but it may be difficult to get it up and running.

I'm very recently back from 4 weeks in France; apart from the meet at Amboise it was a decidedly lonely experience. (Hitherto I'd had me Labrador with me, she was a great conversation starter... as well as a good companion.)

I did post, in different sub forums here, a couple of msgs saying that I was going ... seemingly there were no other single M/H'ers about at that time.

I'll watch with interest :wink:

Edit: afterthought... there was a positive aspect, I didn't have to share any of me single malts :)

HermanHymer 24-06-2012 23:29

Solo travel suggestion
It's a great idea and I am interested.

Even while travelling solo it would be nice to chat/sightsee with someone/meet up for a drink. And then there are places one is reluctant to go alone and as a female, I'm very careful about where I go/stay over.

From my point of view, I like to plan ahead so already thinking about 2013. Anyone else making plans for next year yet?

Look forward to hearing more.


Marrabone 30-06-2012 17:45

This a is great idea. Being a solo motor homer, l use it more like a caravan, going to one site and staying there for a week or so and not getting the best from the trip as l have no transport and worry about taking the MH out because of parking, tight spots etc.

I am told that its much easier on the continent but its a huge step for me. I have driven a car abroad in the past with no problems but with my husband sitting next to me. Its a different matter altogether when you are on your own.

I know there are rallies etc held over there but its getting there which is the most worrying aspect. I'm not sure if you are suggesting a convoy arrangement, Andrew or just a meet up?

I have no time restraints and would be interested to see how this idea develops.

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